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How to listen to your eBooks

Listening to your eBooks hands-free is simple with ReadLoudly. Here's how to get started:


Select the eBook you want to listen to. Our website allows you to easily upload and select the eBook you want to listen to.


Once the eBook is loaded, navigate to the page you want to listen to. Our intuitive interface allows you to quickly and easily navigate to any page in your eBook.


Click the play button to start listening. Our advanced text-to-speech technology will read your eBook out loud, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your eBook hands-free.

With ReadLoudly, you can enjoy your favorite eBook without having to read them yourself. Start listening today and experience the joy of hands-free reading.



Interactive Flipbook Experience

Enjoy reading your eBooks as dynamic flipbooks, complete with realistic page-turning animations that mimic the feel of a physical book.


User-Friendly Navigation

Navigate through your eBook's flipbook effortlessly with intuitive controls that allow you to flip pages, jump to specific sections, and zoom in for a closer look.


Responsive Design

Read your eBook's flipbook on any device, from desktop to mobile, thanks to our responsive design that ensures optimal viewing and interaction.